Your Sweets Survey Results are In!

Your Sweets Survey Results are In!

Here are the results of the Sweets Survey that I sent to VisiVite users last week.

Your results are in. I sent a sweets survey on September 19, 2023, and many of you responded. Thank you! The results are posted HERE.

This quick survey told me that VisiVite eye vitamin users are among the most health conscious people in the world. Seven out of 10 of you avoid daily candy. That's admirable. But even more unusual is your use of diet soda - only 11% of you drink diet soda compared to more than 25% of the American population who drink diet soda over the age of 40. Only 11% of you use artificial sweeteners compared to 40% of American adults.

And yet, despite your judicial use of sweets, an astounding two-thirds of you think you can do even better! I'm inspired - but not surprised by - your motivation for good health. You've done your research and comparisons of eye supplements and you chose us, whether because of our choice to use natural sources, our meticulous attention to manufacture quality and independent testing, or the absence of synthetic fillers. We're proud of what we make for you. Thank you for noticing!

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