Sight is a precious gift. With the right nutritional support, we can protect and preserve this gift. That is why Vitamin Science goes to such great lengths to create VisiVite: the world's best eye vitamins. It is our mission to promote razor-sharp, crystal-clear vision that lasts a lifetime. Our goal is to achieve quality at each critical production stage:


  • Dr. Paul Krawitz in eye vitamin laboratoryEye Doctor Expertise: Our eye vitamins are carefully formulated by Dr. Paul Krawitz, a world-famous eye doctor who holds multiple trademarks and patents for innovative eye supplements.
  • Vitamin Science: As the name implies, Vitamin Science's VisiVite line only uses nutrients that are backed by strong scientific evidence. You won't find trendy, unproven, or unsafe ingredients in our products.
  • Superior Raw Materials: We start each formulation by sourcing the best natural eye-supportive nutrients. We use only reputable suppliers who must regularly pass rigorous testing for purity, potency and freshness.


visivite lab encapsulator
  • Cutting-Edge Lab: We double-check raw materials at our labs with state-of-the-art testing equipment.This proves ingredient quality prior to manufacturing.
  • Sophisticated & Sanitary: Our gleaming stainless steel machines for blending and encapsulating deliver a finished product that is pure, safe and easy to absorb -- for superior eye health results you can trust.
  • Protective Packaging: To ensure that our nutrients retain their eye-supportive properties for the long haul, we only use bottles that are resistant to light and heat.


  • visivite laboratory microsocopeGood Manufacturing Practices (GMP):Our manufacturing laboratory is certified by the Natural Product Association's GMP Program.
  • FDA Compliance: All of our facilities for manufacturing and distribution meet the standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Independent Audits: We regularly audit our manufacturing facilities with third-party FDA-registered agencies to ensure that our high quality standards are upheld.
Why Vitamin Science?
A drugstore store clerk can't advise you on AMD or dry eye syndrome. A "Big Box" discount store doesn't know the difference between natural and synthetic vitamin E. And ordinary vitamin manufacturers, juggling thousands of different products, simply can't match Vitamin Science's specialization in eye vitamins.
visivite lab mixerWe focus on one thing: Eye health. Thanks to this focus, we're able to produce doctor-recommended eye vitamins for ocular nutrition. With each VisiVite product, you can be confident that:
  • The ingredients chosen are backed by strong research and scientific evidence.
  • The ingredients are precisely calibrated for peak bioavailability.
  • The ingredients are presented in the ideal ratios for optimal results.

Superior Quality Defines the Entire VisiVite Product Line!

What exactly is GMP, anyway?
fda logoGMP certification is a program developed by the Natural Products Association (the largest dietary supplement trade association in the United States) and FDA to protect consumers. Good Manufacturing Processes ensure that products are safe, pure and effective. The GMP umbrella covers many different aspects of supplement manufacturing, including staff training, cleanliness, equipment maintenance, record keeping and receiving of raw materials.
gmp logoWhen you see the GMP seal on any supplement, you know that supplement was made in a safe, clean environment. When you see GMP on a VisiVite supplement, you know it's even better than that -- it's the highest quality nutrition, formulated with an eye doctor's insight, and guaranteed to be the most effective eye health supplement available.

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