It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a physician who treats vision and eye diseases is interested in the color and majesty of photography. Beginning in 2010, I began rescuing my best shots out of my computer and gave them life as prints.

Dr. Paul Krawitz's photographs are displayed throughout his office.

What camera do I use? The one that’s on my hip:
Nikon, Fuji, Mamiya, Sony and even my iPhone.

With‘s help, I’ve settled on the parameters below. I’m sure that other labs that use the Chromira photo printer do similar work.

RA Print 20″ x 30″, Ultraboard 1/2″ with polystyrene back frame, Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre paper. I like a 1.5 x 1 ratio for most of my photos, but obsessive engineers will prefer the Golden Rectangle ratio of 1.618.

The Fuji Lustre is such a nice print paper, my patients sometimes think these are paintings.

Make sure your photo cropping and contrast is just to your liking (I tweak with an outdated version of Aperture, but also good are Adobe LightroomApple Photos or if you’re a real wiz, Photoshop) before uploading the image using Chrome’s FTP uploader link at the top of the homepage. Vibrant color looks best when it comes from your choice of the time of day, the angle from the sun, and your exposure - not from the computer software. Avoid shooting at noon when colors tend to be washed out. The better your original image, the less work there is for you to do. If you see something wonderful, take more than one shot. Digital “film” is cheap.

I know some people shoot in RAW format, but I can’t be bothered. All my images are JPG’s. 

Photography by Dr. Paul Krawitz handout CLICK IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD

There are now more than 90 photographs on display in our OCLI Park Avenue office. And not lost on my patients are that these photographs are found in a doctor’s office that specializes in vision. People love to talk about their own experiences with painting, sculpture, and most of all, travel.

Finally, the photographs can be purchased at, where 100% of profits are donated to Foundation Fighting Blindness.


 Dr. Paul Krawitz

Paul Krawitz, M.D.
President and C.E.O. VisiVite Eye Vitamins
Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
OCLI Eye Physician

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