VisiVite Professional Formulas for Ocular Nutrition emphasizes three important factors:

  1. Patient compliance
  2. Patient tolerability
  3. Doctor acceptance
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Professionals and Pharmacies who have selected VisiVite are characteristically discerning, choosing to provide their patients and clients with VisiVite's naturally-sourced lutein (FloraGLO, from marigolds), Omnixan dietary R-R zeaxanthin (from paprika), D-alpha tocopherol Vitamin E (from plant oil), no synthetic additives, no artificial color, and premium VCaps Plus vegetarian capsules.

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VisiVite isn't for every practice or pharmacy, but rather those that are highly selective and primarily patient-driven. Professionals who have chosen VisiVite have told us that they did so for our science-backed AREDS 2 formulations and selection of premium ingredients, which results in 99.8% tolerability and high patient allegiance. Those factors, in turn, help build practice and business growth.

All VisiVite products are free of synthetic meso-zeaxanthin.

No other neutraceutical company offers the breadth of formulas for macular health and dry eye, based upon valid independent research in peer-reviewed literature, as does Vitamin Science, the makers of VisiVite and Dry Eye Relief.

Consistently ranked one of the quality eye vitamin manufacturers in the world, VisiVite independently tests each and every lot for purity and potency for your patients.


Professionals may choose to provide VisiVite products to their patients by:

  • Most Popular: Dispense VisiVite in your office or pharmacy, purchased in cases of 24 bottles each, the choice of our largest and most successful practices. We'll assist you with how to do this legally and ethically.
  • No Inventory Option: Collect payment from your patient, forward us the order by email or fax, and then pay us each month for the orders already dispensed. We will advise you how to set FMV (Fair Market Value) pricing for your patients.

Unlike other nutritional supplement companies, we do not permit your referring of patients and then paying you a percentage of sales, as doing so violates Anti-Kickback law.

Whether you choose to dispense in office or forward patient orders for VisiVite eye vitamins, you must first apply for a Professional Wholesale Account. There is no cost or obligation to you. We will provide qualified individuals and practices with information about these programs by return email to a designated practice email address or return telephone call to a listed practice telephone number.

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Doctor-Reported Benefits of Recommending VisiVite Eye Vitamins:

  • Improved patient compliance
  • Avoids patients confronting confusing retail displays in big box stores
  • Several custom VisiVite® macular health formulas, including one without Vitamin E for patients taking anticoagulants and a formula without Zinc for family members of AMD patients and when genetic testing argues for this.
  • Two patented Dry Eye oral nutritional formulas
  • Physician-led company
  • Easy tolerability
  • GMP Certified Laboratory
  • All USA-sourced ingredients
  • Capsules can be opened for patients who have difficulty swallowing

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Toll-Free within USA:
1-866-EYE-VITE (1-866-393-8483)


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