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Steroids for macular degeneration?

It is a known fact that inflammation plays a role in the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), but using steroids to treat AMD has not yet been shown to have any demonstrable effect on the disease. Doctors have tried various anti-inflammatory drugs to try and inhibit the inflammation of AMD with little success. Many times, doctors use corticosteroids along with anti-VEGF injections to treat the disease and this combination may be helpful in treating frequent immune response reactions. Another combination therapy that has seen mild success is a combination of steroids, anti-VEGFs and photodynamic therapy. The "triple-threat" therapy does delay the recurrence of the inflammation and a much lower need for treatment within the first year of treatment. Doctors also believe that steroids may be helpful in reducing the vascular leakage and thus putting off the need for anti-VEGF injections in the short-term.

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