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Some unproven stem cell treatments can cause blindness

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Stem cell therapy is a hot topic in the news and the hope that stem cell therapy provides as a potential treatment for macular degeneration has resulted in clinics across the country providing unproven treatments. Recently, three elderly women underwent an unapproved stem cell therapy at a Florida clinic and within a week of receiving, all three women experienced permanent vision loss. This case has renewed calls for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to impose restrictions on the many clinics who are offering unproven and unsafe stem cell treatments for any myriad of medical conditions ranging from macular degeneration to autism and arthritis. The FDA is finalizing guidelines for clinics in the appropriate use of stem cell treatments and the FDA has also issued a warning to patients in regards to stem cell therapy. Consumers are also encouraged to report any questionable or harmful activity related to stem cell based products to the FDA.*

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