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Proper application of eyedrops important

Whether you are using prescription eyedrops or those found over-the-counter, knowing how to use them properly is important. Using the proper technique and the correct dosage is important for your eye health. Below are some helpful tips. 1.) One drop at a time: Your eye only has the capacity to hold on to one drop at a time. Anything over that is going to end up rolling down your cheek. So if your instructions call for three drops be sure and take your time between drops to give your eye the chance to absorb each drop. 2.) Give yourself some space: If your using more than one eyedrop medication, don't administer them all at the same time. Give yourself 30 minutes between prescription and non-prescription medicines. If you are uncertain about proper administration of different eyedrops consult your eye care provider. 3.) Keep an eye on the expiration date: Always be mindful of the expiration date of eyedrops. If a medication has expired, consult your doctor before using. 4.) Check the label: Keeping in line with the previous tip, always check the label of drops before administering. Confusing ear drops or something else for eye drops can have critical consequences for your eyesight. 5.) It's all in the technique: There is a proper way to instill eyedrops. Don't aim the drop to the inner corner of the eye; aim for the outer corner and if you wear contacts, remove them first because they can interfere with the absorption of the medication. Don't blink excessively once administered because this actually forces the medicine out of the eye. Closing the eye for a minute is best if you have a hard time refraining from blinking. Following these five simple tips can make your experience administering eyedrops a pleasant and safe one. If you have any questions or concerns about using eyedrops whether prescription or over-the-counter, always consult your eye care provider.*

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