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52 genetic variations of Macular Degeneration identified

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Genetics play a much more important role in macular degeneration than previously realized. Scientists looking to find genetic variations responsible for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) successfully identified 52 variations associated with AMD. This discovery will hopefully allow scientists to create diagnostic tools to help identify which patients are at a higher risk of developing AMD and also formulate therapies to treat or prevent the disease. A team of more than 100 scientists from nine countries analyzed the genes of more than 33,000 individuals. Using complex computational analysis of more than 12 million genetic variations across the human genome, the scientists discovered the 42 variations which were spread across 34 gene regions. The researchers studied both common and rare genetic variations. AMD affects more than 10 million Americans and is responsible for running up billions of dollars in health care costs. The success of this research in identifying genetic variations plays a critical role in developing effective treatments. Dr. Krawitz recommends people with family histories of macular degeneration who do not yet have the disease take either VisiVite AREDS2 White Formula or VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support.*

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