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New Dry Macular Degeneration eyedrop nearing approval by FDA

On April 11t
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On April 11th, MacuCLEAR announced that it will begin Phase III clinical studies for MC-1101, a topically administered eye drop that treats early-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). MacuCLEAR is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing solutions to treat vascular disorders of the eye. Following positive results with Phase II trials and support from the FDA, the company will be moving forward with its testing of MC-1101. The compound stops the progression of Dry AMD to the more severe Wet AMD by increasing ocular blood flow to the choroidal vessels. The technology is based on the findings of George Chiou, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at MacuCLEAR, who hypothesized that AMD develops due to a reduction in choroidal blood flow. This insufficiency is now known as “The Chiou Syndrome.” If these subsequent trials are successful, MacuCLEAR may develop a treatment for the leading cause for blindness in the world in people 50 and older. Dry AMD currently has no approved drug therapies.*

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