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Drink Up! Caffeine a possible treatment for Dry Eye.

A new study indicates that caffeine appears to boost tear production and may be a source of a possible treatment for dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome affects roughly 5% of the U.S. population and typically those who are over the age of 50. The study involved 78 people who had normal tear production and no allergies or other eye conditions. The study involved two sessions separated by six days or less. In the first session, the participants took either a placebo or a caffeine capsule and then in the second session they were given the other capsule. Researchers analyzed the total volume of tears. All study participants had more tears after they took the caffeine capsule compared to when they took the placebo. The study did not determine how long the effects of caffeine last and researchers note that the study was done on people who did not have dry eye. In addition, most people who have dry eye have a high rate of tear evaporation and the study did not evaluate that issue so more research will be needed.***

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