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New device helps doctors examine retinas from miles away

Researchers at Rice University have developed MobileVision, which is a device that naturally dilates pupils and is portable and easy to use. The system is able to take images of the macula and send those images to a smartphone making it a cost-effective diagnostic tool that can be used anywhere in the world. Patients look through the eyepiece at an image of a red disk. This image only stabilizes when the patient's eye is perfectly aligned with the device. Once the eye is perfectly aligned, the patient presses a button that moves the disk and the camera and battery-powered light source are then revealed. The system records a video of the pupil until the pupil closes. One digitally enhanced image is produced from a series of still images derived from the video. Researchers are excited about MobileVision helping to bring affordable diagnostic tools to areas in the world that are lacking access to eye care and have limited resources. MobileVision would enable physicians to diagnose macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

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