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Moderate wine consumption may benefit vision health

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If you enjoy a glass of wine, you should raise your glass to toast to your eye health. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have discovered that moderate intake of wine can lower the risk of vision loss. Researchers examined data from the Beaver Dam Eye Study which was conducted over a 20-year period and involved almost 6,000 adults between the ages of 43 and 84. Visual acuity was measured at the beginning of the study and then at subsequent follow-up visits. What researchers discovered is that 11 percent of those who did not consume alcohol experienced vision loss over the 20 year period while only 4.8 percent of those who had less than one serving of alcohol a week and 3.6 percent who drank at least one serving a week experienced vision loss. Examining those who consumed alcohol even more closely revealed that wine drinkers fared even better. Only 2.7 percent of regular wine drinkers and 4 percent of occasional wine drinkers suffered vision loss compared to 7.8 percent of non-wine drinkers who suffered vision loss. The good news is that non-drinkers can reap the same benefits found in wine without having to touch a drop of alcohol. VisiVite's Reziva® formula is a concentrated red wine formula without the alcohol. One Reziva® capsule gives you as much resveratrol as found in 30 glasses of red wine.*

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