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Lanosterol drops: A possible cataract treatment?

lanosterol drops
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The current treatment for cataract is either invasive surgery or expensive laser therapy to remove them. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have discovered that lanosterol may provide a new and improved form of treatment for cataracts, which affect more than 24 million Americans. The journal Nature published the study details which involved using lanosterol eye drops in the eyes of dogs that were suffering from naturally-occurring cataracts. Not only did the dogs have cataracts completely removed after treatment for six weeks but four other dogs suffering from cataracts had their vision improved as well. This potential therapy will have the benefit of being nonsurgical, less costly and more readily available to those who do not have access to surgical options. In addition, the drops also hold promise for preventing the development of cataracts in those who are risk for cataracts. The next step in the research process is to begin human clinical trials to test for safety and efficacy.*  

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