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Implantable contact lenses offer alternative to LASIK

For those nearsighted pe
For those nearsighted people out there who don't qualify for LASIK surgery, implantable contact lenses may be just what the doctor orders. The 15-minute outpatient procedure is much less invasive than LASIK and only involves three tiny incisions in the cornea. The lens (known as Visian Implantable Colamer Lens) also offers UV protection, and unlike LASIK, it does not run the risk of contributing to dry eye syndrome. The lens covers the eye's natural lens while LASIK uses lasers to permanently reshape the cornea. The downside to the lenses is that the procedure costs about $1,000 more per eye than LASIK does but for patients out there who aren't eligible for the LASIK procedure, the Visian Implantable Colamer Lens is a possible alternative.

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