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HEALTH ALERT - Costume Contact Lenses are no treat

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For Halloween revelers looking to add that finishing touch to their costumes by wearing decorative contact lenses, think again.

Those dazzling decorative lenses may contain chlorine and other harmful chemicals that pose a serious threat to vision. Japanese researchers recently published study findings that revealed that several varieties of the over-the-counter lenses contained the potentially harmful chemicals. One brand tested actually leaked chlorine after being rinsed, raising concerns about toxic effects to the eye. The questionable chemicals most likely are from the dyes use to tint the lenses. In addition to possible chemical contaminants, many of the designs on the lenses create an uneven texture that can scratch the surface of the cornea, risking serious eye infections. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has issued an official  warning about decorative contact lenses: Consumers are urged to avoid such lenses. If decorative lenses are still desired, then a prescription should be sought from an eye care professional.*

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