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3 Ways Costume Contact Lenses can Damage Your Eyes

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Thinking about jazzing up your Halloween costume with a pair of costume contact lenses?

Decorative contact lenses have the potential of doing serious damage to your vision. Here are four ways they can harm your eyes:
  1. Corneal abrasions:Since the contact lenses are not properly fitted and some of the designs could be uneven, the lenses can scratch the cornea resulting in a corneal abrasion, which results in redness, light sensitivity and pain.
  2. Corneal ulcer:¬ painful eye infection whose symptoms often mimic those of a corneal abrasion, the corneal ulcer can appear as a white dot on the cornea and may require prescriptive antibiotic eyedrops due toto harmful bacteria entering the eye. Healed ulcers can scar over and permanently affect vision. The risk of developing keratitis is increased more than 16 times when wearing cosmetic contact lenses.
  3. Blindness:¬Wearing costume contact lenses can lead to total vision loss due to complications from infection or extensive scarring.*

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