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Dry Eye Syndrome

Examination by the doctor may show reduced tears and dry spots on the cornea. Testi
Examination by the doctor may show reduced tears and dry spots on the cornea. Testing may include:  Schirmer Test A small strip of absorptive paper is put on the edge of the eyelid and the wetting of the strip is measured after 5 minutes. TearLab TearLab¬Æ is a Medicare and insurance-approved objective measurement of the osmolality, or concentration of your tears. Some dry eye patients have abnormally concentrated tears, which can result in light sensitivity, irritation, redness and discomfort. Treatments for Dry Eye Artificial Tears Non-prescription artificial tear eyedrops work by temporarily lubricating the eye as well as diluting thick tears. They remain on the eye for 5-10 minutes, and are often most effective for very mild dry eye or temporary relief of more severe dry eye. Punctal Plugs Punctal plugs are a non-surgical, painless, Medicare and insurance-approved procedure that is performed by the doctor in our office and takes only a few minutes. They work by slowing the disappearance of the tears into the nose, thereby keeping the tears on the eyes longer. They are most useful when there is dry eye with little mucus discharge. Prescription Eyedrops Restasis¬Æ and Xiidra¬Æ modestly increase tear production in 50-60% of patients. If effective, they need to be taken twice daily, every day. A common early side effect is burning or stinging. They are expensive for Medicare patients, and can have high co-pays for other insurance companies. Nutritional Oral Supplements Dry Eye Relief¬Æ TG-1000 is a United States patented supplement for dry eye symptoms, invented by Dr. Krawitz, and sold worldwide. It works by: 1. Helping to reduce inflammation which can affect tear gland function 2. Provides mucin, which aids the tears adhering to the eye surface more effectively 3. Provides phytosterol heart-healthy lipids that are deficient in the tear layer, which may reduce tear evaporation 4. Provides polar phospholipids to stabilize the different tear layers By improving tear film chemistry, Dry Eye Relief¬Æ may allow patients to experience an improvement in their Schirmer Test and TearLab results and symptoms. For full effectiveness, Dry Eye Relief should be taken as two capsules with breakfast and two with dinner (total of 4 capsules per day). They may take 3-6 weeks to experience full effectiveness. Some patients report improvement in both dry eye and dry mouth. The capsules are moderately large. They do not interfere with any of your other medications.

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