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Blue-Blocking Computer Glasses - All Hype?

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The hot topic these days is the dangers of blue light and companies are starting to jump on the blue-blocking bandwagon by offering glasses to "help" counter the effects of blue light on vision. But experts say, "not so fast" and urge consumers to check out the facts. The first thing to consider is that studies have shown that computer and digital screens do not cause permanent eye damage. The evidence simply does not exist. Researchers stress that the screens simply do not emit enough light to cause damage. Companies selling blue-blocking products frequently cite research that involves animals, There are both microscopic studies of retinal cells exposed to light and real-life studies of people exposed to outdoor light. Neither of these studies show harm, nor do they replicate what humans are exposed to in the real world. While the research shouldn't be dismissed, consumers should be aware that no elevated risk to vision loss due to exposure to blue light has been proven.*

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