Diminishing Senses is So Senseless!

Diminishing Senses is So Senseless!

What steps can you take TODAY to keep your two most critical senses in tip-top shape?

Like most VisiVite users, I'm very persnickety about what I take and how I take in the world. I'm as careful as you are about what I put in my body (VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support for my genetic risk of macular degeneration, vegan diet for the past three years). And just like other VisiVite users, I actively resist ANY reduction in what I am sensing.

In fact, when we did a survey of VisiVite customers a few years ago, their greatest fear wasn't "going blind." It was "becoming more blurry." And that's exactly where I am. And there's good reason to think that way. Multiple studies have shown that reduction in vision and hearing - your two most important senses for communicating with other people - is critical for mental health as we age.

What steps can you take TODAY to keep those two critical senses in tip-top shape? First, go for regular eye exams and assessments of your eye health, whether or not you have macular degeneration. Always answer "Yes" to your eye doctor when asked if you want your eyeglass prescription updated with a refraction, even though it usually costs money that is not covered by insurance. Doing so will usually improve the contrast and details in your vision that are better than "good enough." And finally, get your hearing checked, and if recommended, purchase a pair of hearing aids. I lost some hearing in the high frequencies and was struggling some - but not all of the time. Could I have "gotten by" without them? Yes, but I was missing out on some details in certain environments, and was less engaged as a result. At age 64, I want to keep my two critical senses at their peak.

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