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Best Low Vision Device for XMas

What are the best low vision de

What are the best low vision devices for Christmas? Dr. Krawitz's choices might surprise you!

The best way to read a newspaper or book if you have vision that is 20/70 or worse isn't a magnifying glass. It's an iPad. What's an iPad? It's an electronic do-everything flat computer that you can hold in your hand. And it has the benefit of magnifying letters and giving you the option to see white print against a black background. Don't know how to use it? Get one of the family teenagers, who knows how to set this up in their sleep. The other low vision device? A big TV, and bigger is better. Why? Because it "subtends" an larger viewing angle and allows a larger area of your retina to get the full picture. If you're still trying to get by with a 32-inch set, it's time to upgrade. Best of all, it costs much less money than you think. You can see the full list of Dr. Krawitz's recommended products for people with macular degeneration or low vision by visiting his Amazon Recommends page at https://www.amazon.com/shop/drpaulkrawitz.

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