4 Money Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

4 Money Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one area where we all feel the pinch to our pocketbooks.

With inflation impacting everyone's pocketbooks, many people are looking for ways to help keep money in their pockets.

Grocery shopping is one area where we all feel the pinch to our pocketbooks. Here are four cost-saving tips to help keep that shopping list

within your budget:

1) Buy Meats in Bulk: Buying family size packages of meat and freezing what you don't use immediately can help stretch out your meals. Looking for packages that have been reduced in price and putting them in the freezer for future use is an additional cost saver.

2) Look for cheaper sources of protein: Protein is essential for building muscle and bone and if you want to grow your menu from only having meat as your protein source, take a look at that many variety of beans as well as fish and eggs. Beans as well as canned tuna and salmon can be incorporated into casseroles and are both filling and healthy. 

3) Go generic: Instead of automatically reaching for that name brand box or can, try going with the store label. The cost saving can be significant without compromising the taste.

4) Love those leftovers: Don't toss your leftovers in the trash or grind them up in the garbage disposal. Leftovers are great for lunch the next day and you can repurpose those side dishes into a casserole or soup. And don't forget your freezer. Many dishes freeze well and can be pulled out for last minute dinner ideas.

So don't let the bite of inflation put a crimp in your budget. Think outside the box and you will find some great ways to save money and expand your menu at the same time.

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