In November 2001, the National Eye Institute published the first scientific study that proved beyond a doubt that a specific nutritional supplement mixture significantly slowed both the progress and severity of Age Related Macular Degeneration.


The AREDS Formula, named for the Age Related Eye Disease Study, consisted of the following nutritional components and quantities:

  1. Beta-carotene form of Vitamin A: 15 milligrams (25,000 International Units)
  2. Ascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C: 500 milligrams
  3. Vitamin E: 400 milligrams
  4. Zinc Oxide form of Zinc: 80 milligrams
  5. Cupric Oxide form of Copper: 2 milligrams

Since the AREDS results, additional studies have provided evidence that additional ingredients may improve the appearance, health and function of the retina. Specifically, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which like beta-carotene is a carotenoid found in green leafy vegetables, has been shown to be very beneficial. These two molecules were not included in the original AREDS research because at the time the study was begun, they were not available.

AREDS 2 showed that lutein and zeaxanthin were slightly more beneficial than beta-carotene, without this adverse reaction.

Because beta-carotene has been shown to be potentially dangerous in people with a history of heavy habitual smoking, it has been removed from all VisiVite AREDS and AREDS 2 formulas

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