While you may be saving a few pennies on your supplement that contains a cheaper form of Vitamin E, you are losing half the benefit of this important antioxidant.

Not all vitamin E is the same. Many cheap supplement manufacturers cut corners by using synthetic vitamin E -- a more affordable form (dl-alpha-tocopheryl) that "does less" than natural vitamin E.

Check the label of your AREDS 2 vitamin - Is it "DL" Synthetic or "D" Natural?

  • 400 IU of Synthetic Vitamin E only contains 180 mg of "active" Vitamin E
  • 400 IU of Natural Vitamin E contains 270 mg of "active" Vitamin E
  • Did you know?

Synthetic vitamin E is made from petrochemicals, a.k.a. petroleum.

Natural Vitamin E vs. Synthetic Vitamin E

When you consume natural vitamin E -- either from food or from supplements -- you get the superior form that matches what nature intended. Natural vitamin E is recognized by the body and absorbed more fully than its synthetic counterpart.

Research has suggested that:

  • Natural vitamin E is much more bioavailable than synthetic vitamin E
  • Natural vitamin E may be more effective than synthetic vitamin E
  • The body retains natural vitamin E in its tissues longer than it retains synthetic vitamin E

Vitamin E for Eye Health

Under the eyes category, vitamin E is a highly-regarded super-nutrient. High vitamin E intake is associated with a 20% reduction in risk of developing AMD. The Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) found that a mixed supplement of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc and copper reduced the risk of developing moderate-to-severe vision loss by 25%. Those with moderate to advanced AMD were found to reduce their risk of further vision loss by taking this antioxidant combination.

About Vitamin E Products

When buying a vitamin E supplement, check the label to see if it contains natural or synthetic vitamin E.

  • Natural Vitamin E = d-alpha-tocopherol
  • Synthetic Vitamin E = dl-alpha-tocopheryl
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