Dry Eye Syndrome is most common in adults age 40 and older. Healthy eyes produce a layer of fluid called a tear film which works to keep your eyes infection free. As you age, your eye's tear glands produce less of this fluid, making your tear film break. This causes most dry eye sufferers to feel painful eye irritation and experience vision loss.

Failure to treat Dry Eye Syndrome can lead to serious eye conditions requiring surgery and expensive medication. VisiVite is committed to providing you with high quality eye vitamins designed to help you attain healthy eyes.

Taking care of your Dry Eye Syndrome

If you want to avoid costly medications, surgery, and serious eye conditions, address your dry eyes now.

Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 Formula
Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, combined with phytosterols to repair the outer eye layer and Mucin to help the inner eye layer. It also contains unique polar phospholipids to help you build strong tear layers. Keeps your eyes moist for hours. Our unique formula works to support all three tear layers, providing you with dry eye relief that over-the-counter eyedrops just can't match.

What are common Dry Eye Syndrome symptoms?
  • Having scratchy, irritated eyes
  • Feeling a burning sensation in your eyes
  • Painful, flowing tears
  • Having "tired eyes" after reading
  • Sensitivity to light, wind, and smoke
  • Trouble wearing contact lenses
  • Strings of mucus around your eyes
  • Diminished or blurry vision
Why do my eyes keep tearing up?

Ironically, an excessive amount of tears is a common symptom of dry eyes. When your eyes feel irritated, your eye's "reflex tears" take over. Reflex tears make your dry eyes worse because they lack essential mucus and oils found in normal tears. Our dry eye treatment solutions help lessen the effects of dry eyes and work to keep your eyes healthy.

I think I have Severe Dry Eyes. What should I do?

If you are tired of burning and irritated eyes, get treatment now! Failure to treat dry eyes won't make them go away. Dry eyes only increase with age and may result in chronic eye irritation. Find Relief for Severe Dry Eyes.

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