Freestyle Libre 3 Dexcom 7 Comments
Written Instructions 3 5 Only Dexcom instructions recommended to avoid the triceps muscle.
Video Instructions 4 5 Dexcom video instructions much more detailed.
Sensor Insertion 4 5 Freestyle is manual. Dexcom is spring-loaded.
Size 5 4 Freestyle is slightly smaller.
Mounting 4 5 Dexcom supplied with adhesive ring for extra security. Freestyle customers sometimes buy their own. Both recommend no heavy sweating or submersion first 12 hours.
Time until Active 60 minutes 25 minutes  
Price with GoodRx $136 $180  
Accuracy First 24 hours 3 3 Both state not fully reliable until 24 hours. But Freestyle more vulnerable to early errors and falsely low BGs with pressure when sleeping.
Accuracy > 24 hours 3 4 Both sensors - which measure fluid around cells rather than blood - are accurate within 15-20% of actual blood glucose readings, which is to say, they are not nearly 100% accurate. In their user manuals, Dexcom quotes a lower (more accurate) MARD (mean absolute relative difference) than the Freestyle Libre does in its user manual. In my own testing (non-diabetic), Dexcom 7 was signficantly more accurate. But Freestyle 3 showed greater accuracy in a recent head-to-head trial of diabetics: Comparison of Point Accuracy Between Two Widely Used Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. The differences are likely due as much to software algorithms under the hood as to the technology.
Measurement Frequency 1 minute 5 minutes  
Graph Quality 5 3 Freestyle extrapolates all measurement points and shows a line graph. Dexcom shows each isolated dot.
App shows current BG and Trend Yes Yes  
Can enter notes on Home Screen Text Box Hit "+" Symbol  
Send or Share Reports LibreView Dexcom Clarity  
Ability to Customize Range 4 5 Both can do using websites in Row 14, but default app report is standard range of 70-180. Only Dexcom allows low limit of 55 on custom range.
Sweat Resistance 3 3 Both units use a small adherence strip. Dexcom offers a security ring. But additional steps for both units may be required for people who heavily sweat, including SkinTac for Descom security ring or additional adhesive cover patches.
Customer Support 3 5 Abbott support for Freestyle favors phone and requires multiple agents and follow-up. Dexcom is more straightforward in problem solving with chat/webform/telephone support and replacements are handled with one contact.
Sensor can be recalibrated with meter No Yes  
Sensor Lifespan 15 days 10 days  
App Main Screen 3 5 Dexcom displays insights and Percentage Time in Range on Main Screen. Freestyle requires accessing other screens.
Time Data Stored on Sensor 14 days 24 hours Data storage runs the complete lifecycle of the Freestyle sensor.
Alarms 4 6 Only Dexcom provides urgent low and high trend alarms prior to the dangerous limit being reached.
iPhone Battery Usage 2X 1X Running side by side, Freestyle Libre 3 utilized twice the amount of battery usage of Dexcom. This may be due to taking glucose readings every 1 minute rather than every 5 minutes.
Estimate of Hemoglobin A1C 3 3 Both overestimate Hemoglobin A1C based upon diabetics being their primary users.
Integration with Insulin Pumps Limited Large number of compatible manufacturers and models  
Summary Tiny, low-priced device with straightforward and easy functionality made by pharmaceutical giant, Abbott Laboratories. Made by Dexcom, Inc. a New York Stock Exchange company that specializes only these devices. Superb customer service and support. Both sensors have radically changed diabetic management . Endocrinologists are provided with real-time data to help them guide their patients. Patients now get instantaneous feedback, which positively changes their behaviors. Better diabetic managements results in fewer blood glucose surprises, especially hyperglycemia, and fewer hospitalizations. Freestyle Libre 3 excels in size, frequency of measurements, and caching of data. Dexcom excels in its accuracy and customer support.
Overall Grade B A-  

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