the best areds 2 vitaminsIf you have macular degeneration and are seeking an eye vitamin that better meets your eye health needs, read more...

AREDS 2 is the most-quoted study for nutritional support of macular degeneration.

The study, conducted by the National Eye Institute, identified 6 vitamins that were critical to support slowing the progression of macular degeneration. Those vitamins are Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper.

But did you know...

  1. Vitamin A and beta-carotene were found to REDUCE the effectiveness of lutein and zeaxanthin AND increase the risk of lung cancer?

  2. There was no significant different found when comparing 80 mg versus 25 mg of zinc daily, yet one company insists you need to take the highest dose (not us).

  3. The copper is put in to protect against the effects of high zinc, yet some companies keep the copper at 2 mg even when they reduce the zinc (not us).

Interested in finding out more? 

Vitamin E is supplied as either a synthetically created molecule or a natural molecule, usually from plant oil. The natural molecule is designated with only one letter (D) rather than two letters (DL) in the Supplement Facts section, and is 50% more bioavailable to your body. In fact, the government now requires that the old rules allowing companies to list 400 IU of Vitamin E must now come clean and list 180 mg of Vitamin E if they use synthetic or 268 mg if they use natural sources.

Sound good so far?

  • VisiVite eye vitamins were formulated by a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at a major university in the United States and have been manufactured in the USA since 2001.

  • VisiVite uses strict manufacturing practices to ensure purity and potency, and then takes the additional step of sending each of its products for assay to independent laboratories to assure that what is on the label is exactly what's in each daily dose.

  • VisiVite customers have some of the highest allegiance in the industry because of their high satisfaction with our products.

Our Best-Selling Premium Product for the Support of Macular Degeneration is VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold Formula. 

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What makes VisiVite Gold Formula unique?

  • VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold has more Lutein2: 15 mg compared with 10 mg

  • VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold has more Zeaxanthin2: 4.75 mg compared with 2 mg

  • VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold reduces Zinc. The original AREDS research found higher urinary tract side effects with 80 mg zinc1, while AREDS 2 showed no clinical difference between high and low zinc.2

  • VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold uses Natural d-alpha Vitamin E rather than Synthetic dl-alpha Vitamin E used in many other AREDS 2 supplements. Beginning in 2021, manufacturers will be required to list Vitamin E in milligrams rather than International Units3. 400 IU of the Natural Vitamin E (D form) used in VisiVite Gold Plus Formula is 268 mg. But 400 IU of synthetic Vitamin E (DL form) is only 180 mg. 

  • VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold adds 6 additional ingredients for ocular nutritional support: Bilberry, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract and L-glutathione

  • VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold is supplied in clear veggie caps without artificial colors.


Here's an ingredient-by-ingredient comparison chart:

  Popular AREDS 2 Formula VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold
Vitamin B6   20 mg
Vitamin C 452 mg 500 mg
Vitamin E 400 IU Synthetic E
(180 mg)
400 IU Natural E
(268 mg)
Zinc 69.6 mg 40 mg
Cupric Oxide 1.6 mg 1.0 mg
Lutein 10 mg 15 mg
Bilberry   50 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid   20 mg
Grape Seed Extract   20 mg
L-glutathione   10 mg
Selenium   200 mcg
Zeaxanthin 2 mg 4.75 mg

VisiVite Gold Formula



  3. Guidance for Industry: Converting Units of Measure for Folate, Niacin, and Vitamins A, D, and E on the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels

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