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Zeaxanthin a hit for MLB players

Major Leage Baseball players know that having great skills won't get you very far if your vision and ability to focus on the ball is not optimal. Sensitivity to light and squinting can diminish a player's abilities. Researchers at the University of Georgia have discovered that daily consumption of zeaxanthin, which is found in many vegetables and paprika, can have a positive impact on visual processing speed and reaction time. All Major League Baseball teams have introduced zeaxanthin to their players and while teams don't require players to take any supplements, many players have added zeaxanthin to their daily regimen and have been pleased with the results. Players taking the supplement have noted a greater ability to withstand glare and an improvement in reaction time and the ability to track a ball against stadium lights or bright sun. Dr. Paul Krawitz has harnessed the benefits of zeaxanthin in his VisiVite R.B.I. Vision Performance supplement, which has been certified Banned Substance-Free by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG). You can find out more about this unique supplement by visiting http://www.rbivitamins.com/the-sauce.html.*

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