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Your eyes are the losers when you lose your sunglasses

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Every year, more than 55 percent of adults in the United States misplace or break their sunglasses. This puts their eyes at risk of sunburn or eye disease. In addition, there are about 27 percent of adults who opt not to wear sunglasses. Whether you lose your glasses or simply choose not to wear them, this exposes your eyes to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In the short-term, UV exposure can cause photokeratitis, sunburn of the eyes, or bloodshot or sensitive eyes. Long-term health issues can develop as a result of high doses of ultraviolet radiation. Such health issues include cataracts, cancer of the eye and surrounding skin and macular degneration. According to the Vision Council, 20 percent of people don't believe their eyes are at risk for sun exposure and 11 percent of people don't think that exposing the eyes to ultraviolet rays will cause health problems. These beliefs can have sometimes devastating effects which can be prevented by simply wearing ultraviolet-blocking sunglasses.*    

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