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Women at greater risk of vision loss than men

2.6 million women in the United States who are aged 40 and older have poor vision that cannot be fixed or are blind compared to 1.5 million men. The National Eye Institute attributes hormonal factors as well as longer lifespan as being the primal causes for the startling disparity. Prevent Blindness America recommends that women get a dilated eye exam starting at the age of 40. Early detection of vision problems is key to preventing vision loss. Along with the dilated eye exam, a healthy diet and a smoke-free lifestyle are essential to maintaining healthy vision. Taking vision nutrition supplements such as those found in the VisiVite line of products can also help to maintain eye health. It is important to contact your eye care professional immediately if any of the following symptoms are noted:excessive tearing or dry, itchy eyes; lines and edges appear distorted; dark spot in central vision or double vision; pain in or around eyes; change in color of iris; unusual sensitivity to light and glare or trouble adjusting to dark rooms; difficulty focusing on objects and red-rimmed or swollen eyelids.

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