Which Lens Implant Doctors Want For Themselves

Which Lens Implant Doctors Want For Themselves

What lens implant would eye doctors want for themselves if they were undergoing cataract surgery?

There is often a great divide from what medical or surgical care doctors recommend for their patients and what they would want for themselves. Of course, doctors are at a distinct advantage: They see the results of the interventions in their own patients. In my own practice,I've always practiced medicine from the patient's perspective; I tell them that knowing all that I know, what I would want for myself or my family member. And yes, both I and my own family members are devoted VisiVite eye vitamin users.

So it was absolutely fascinating to me to post the following question to non-surgeon optometrists - who see the results of the ophthalmic surgeons who have treated patients - what lens implant they would want for themselves if they were undergoing cataract surgery. Nearly 3,000 optometrists pondered my question.

And their answer surprised me on two counts. First, nearly 3 in 4 of them chose lens implants with "simple optics" - monofocal, toric and extended depth of focus lenses. But second, only a tiny minority of them chose Light Adjustable Lens Implants, which allow post-operative, non-surgical adjustment and refinement of the lens power AFTER it is in the eye - truly space-age ophthalmology. And my subsequent follow-up survey indicates that they didn't choose that option because they don't know enough about this technology. 

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