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Vitamin E and Selenium help AMD and prostate, but not cataracts

092314Although Vitamin E is
Although Vitamin E is a critical component of the AREDS 2 formula for macular degeneration, and Selenium was found to reduce prostate cancer in a national study of men taking Vitamin E, the combination is not helpful for every eye condition. A recent study involving over 11,000 men found that daily supplementation of vitamin E and selenium had no effect on preventing the formation of cataracts. Researchers had theorized that because vitamin E and selenium are both found in the lens that they might help to prevent cataract formation. The study groups were split into a placebo group, a group that received only vitamin E, a group that received selenium alone and then another group which received both vitamin E and selenium. A five year follow up of the participants found that there was no significant difference in the number of patients who developed cataracts in the placebo group compared to the group that received both supplements. Based upon the study results, researchers concluded that increased supplementation of vitamin E and selenium does not reduce the risk of developing cataracts.

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