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Vision loss can be a stroke indicator

Recognizing the signs of a stroke can be critical in getting proper medical treatment as soon as possible. While many people know that speech difficulty, numbness or weakness in the arm or facial drooping are signs of a stroke, they may not realize that sudden vision loss can also be a stroke indicator. Where the stroke occurs in the brain determines what part of the eyes will be affected. If the stroke occurs in the left hemisphere, the right visual field of each can be affected while the left visual field of each eye could be affected if the stroke occurs in the right hemisphere. The type of visual field loss can also vary from tunnel vision to the most common form known as homonymous hemianopia, which is blindness in one half of the visual field on the same side of each eye. If you suspect that you or someone else is experiencing signs of a stroke, you should dial 911 or seek emergency medical care immediately. For more information on recognizing signs of a stroke, please go to www.strokeassociation.org.*

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