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UK Teaching hospitals using new wet AMD treatment

082614Some wet AMD patient
Some wet AMD patients in the United Kingdom are now receiving a new, non-invasive treatment for their disease. The new treatment known as Oraya Therapy‚Ñ¢ is being used by eye specialists at the Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital. This new therapy is painless and delivers highly targeted, low-energy X-rays to the eye. The amount of radiation used is comparable to what is received in a dental X-ray. This new therapy works by reducing or stopping the leaking of the blood vessels in the eye by sending targeted X-ray beams to the back of the eye. It only takes a few minutes to administer and the X-ray beams reduce scarring while at the same time improving vision. Oraya Therapy‚Ñ¢ is only administered once and is used in conjunction with anti-VEGF injections. Using this new therapy, the number of anti-VEGF injections were reduced by 45 percent in the clinical trial that was conducted. The Oraya Therapy‚Ñ¢ is not appropriate for all wet AMD patients and the eye specialists must determine whether a patient is a candidate for the treatment or not.*

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