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Technology poses an eye strain risk for kids

Today's classrooms offer our children of myriad of options when it comes to technology: computers, smartboards and tablets. While all of these technological advances open up a whole new world of information to our kids, they also open up the possibility of children developing eye strain and fatigue. Doctors are seeing more cases of computer vision syndrome in children. Computer vision syndrome has many symptoms including eye strain, blurred and double vision, headaches, neck pain, loss of focus, and loss of attention. Computer vision syndrome is caused by our eyes trying to coordinate and focus on screens that are close to us but are not in 3D. Eye care professionals recommend taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes and keeping the computer screen four to five inches below eye level and to make a conscious effort to blink frequently. In addition, every child should have a comprehensive eye exam at the start of the school year.*  

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