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Sun causes crescent-shaped spot in eye

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A woman who viewed the 2017 Solar Eclipse with eclipse glasses that were not certified as safe eclipse glasses, ended up with solar retinopathy, which is a condition that is irreversible and damages the retina.

Using an adaptive optics machine to image her eyes as well as normal imaging methods, doctors were able to get a complete picture of the damage done to her retinas. The image of the woman's retina was in the shape of a crescent, which was the shape of the exposed sun during the eclipse. The damage was much worse to her dominant left eye while the damage to the right eye was more manageable. Now months later, the damage remains the same. The woman is trying to retrain her right eye to be the dominant eye. The crescent spot is no longer dark but matches the color of whatever image she is looking at and peripheral vision remains in her left eye. Doctors hope that adaptive optics might possibly enable them to one day develop a treatment for solar retinopathy because the optics allow doctors to really see the cellular structure of the eye.*

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