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Statins linked to higher risk of cataracts

Researchers recently evaluated the use of statins and whether there was a link between statin use and the development of cataracts. Their analysis found a higher risk of cataracts among those who used statins compared to those who did not use statins. Even after adjusting for other factors, the higher risk still remained for statin users. These findings contradict earlier study findings. A database of 46,249 patients was used in the study and the patients were sorted into two groups: statin users and nonusers. The statin users had to have been using statins for more than 90 days. It had previously been thought that the antioxidant effects of statins might actually slow the natural aging process of the lens. Dr. Paul Krawitz, President and CEO of VisiVite Eye Vitamins and a prominent American cataract surgeon, states that while additional studies are needed, the risk-benefit ratio of statin use should be discussed with an individual's primary care physician.*

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