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Scary decorative contact lenses for Halloween

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If you are looking to add a spookier touch to your Halloween costume by wearing decorative contacts, you might want to think again. A whole host of ghoulish things can happen to your eyes if you do. The possible problems range from infection, corneal scratching, ulcers, allergic reaction and scariest of all, vision loss. Decorative lenses are sold without a prescription and do not include care instructions. Ill-fitting contacts can cause the cornea to not receive enough oxygen and nutrients which then leads to "tight lens syndrome". Unfortunately, consumers want to get more bang for their buck since decorative lenses can be rather pricey and will end up wearing them as much as possible without taking proper care of them. People who wish to wear decorative lenses need to educate themselves on proper care of contact lenses and consult an eye care professional to make sure they are fitted properly. Taking these precautions will help you to not be haunted by ill-fitting decorative lenses this Halloween.*

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