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Run for it! Running may lower risk of cataracts

Running offers many health benefits and you might be able to add another one to that list. The most recent long-term National Runners Health Study found that the risk of developing cataracts was greatly reduced with the more running or even walking that was done. More than 32,000 runners and 14,000 walkers were involved in the study ans what researchers found was that the more the participants either walked or ran, the likelihood of developing cataracts was lessened during the six-year follow-up period. Both men and women had equally less risk reduction. While both running and walking resulted in a decreased risk of developing cataracts, runners had an even lower risk than walkers. Those runners who ran more than five miles a day had a 41% lower risk of developing cataracts. The end result was that the more energy expended meant less risk of developing cataracts.*  

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