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Resveratrol may help wet macular degeneration

Resveratrol has made the news again and this time it is hopeful news for those who have the wet form of macular degeneration. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago experimented with resveratrol in age-related macular degeneration in 17 patients who had not received any benefit from all other forms of treatment. The results of the experiment showed that 16 of the 17 patients who received the resveratrol showed improvements in both contrast vision and visual acuity. The most dramatic results were with an 88-year-old woman who had been deemed "beyond help" from specialists. The woman regained her ability to see faces, read a menu and visualize her handwriting after just four days of treatment. The study participants did not receive any placebo and a clinical trial comparing the drug to placebos will be necessary to confirm the results of this preliminary study. Dr. Paul Krawitz has long noted the beneficial properties of resveratrol and offers a resveratrol supplement in his VisiVite Reziva formula.*

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