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Researches Reverse Glaucoma damage with Stem Cells

Researchers at the University College London have successfully used stem cells to repair the damage caused by glaucoma which is the most common cause of blindness. While they achieved success on lab rats, scientists don't anticipate being able to test on humans until 2015. Currently, one in ten glaucoma patients suffer complete vision loss from the disease. In the study, researchers took healthy stem cells from human eyes and by using a variety of chemicals, turned them into retinal ganglion cells. These cells were then injected into the eyes of rats that had glaucoma-like damage. Scientists noted the rats' eyes worked 50 percent better four weeks after the treatment. Despite the research being in its early stages, researchers believe that even a small improvement in vision will lead to a better quality of life and have hopes that further study will result in more effective treatments for glaucoma.*

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