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Researchers create a quick and easy test for AMD

Australian researchers have created the TrueField Analyzer as a new test for macular degeneration that is quick and accurate. The present method of testing requires patients to sit for 20 minutes in a darkened room prior to conducting the test.This was done because the rod receptors which enable us to see in low light were believed to die off more rapidly than the cones which we use to see color during the day. However, New research has demonstrated that the cones in the eyes begin to deteriorate at the same time as the rods. Using the TrueField Analyzer, researchers tested how pupils responded to images on LCD screens and what they discovered was that they were able to accurately diagnose AMD regardless of how much light the eyes were exposed to during the test. The results of these findings show that the cones of a patient with macular degeneration are equally as damaged as the rods so testing the patient's cone vision is just as accurate as testing their rods thus eliminating the need for long testing times.

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