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Pupil monitoring device can detect Diabetic nerve damage

072914Autonomic neuropathy -
Autonomic neuropathy - which can occur with diabetes - is when damage has occurred to the nerves that control the bladder, intestinal tract, and other organs. It can cause bladder paralysis, sexual dysfunction and diarrhea. A new device called a pupillometer has been developed by researchers at the University of Taiwan that can lead to early detection of diabetic autonomic neuropathy. New research is "looking into" how the eyes may help to diagnose this condition earlier and spare the patient from damage. A pupil measurement device can hang on a pair of glasses and is used in the doctor's office. The patient wears the device for about a half an hour and the pupils are monitored. The doctor measures the five parameters associated with the pupils and based upon those findings, the doctor can detect diabetic autonomic neuropathy at a much earlier stage. Researchers hope that the portable, inexpensive device will provide doctors with a more reliable and effective diagnostic tool, which will allow them to diagnose diabetic autonomic neuropathy at an earlier stage and begin treatment earlier.*

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