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Personalized lenses being developed for AMD

Nobel Prize-winning chemist, Professor Walter Kohn, has developed a device that can correct vision to normal. By using complex algorithms, Prof. Kohn is able to produce personalized lenses that make up for the distortions in vision caused by macular degeneration. Prof. Kohn is now creating glasses and contact lenses using these personalized lenses. The lenses work by using tiny computers that display a corrected image from cameras on the inside. Because every person with macular degeneration has their own personal distortion, the device is able to be personalized to accommodate the person's individual vision correction. Follow-up exams every 6 months would be necessary to update the device as needed. Professor Kohn began working on the device seven years ago after his wife was diagnosed with macular degeneration. He has submitted patent applications for his "macular degeneration glasses" and he is hoping to develop contact lenses with the same technology by using thin layers of material.*  

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