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Omnifocals the lenses of the future?

031516Israeli company Deep Optics is revolutionizing the eyeglass
Israeli company Deep Optics is revolutionizing the eyeglasses industry with their patent-pending omnifocals. These liquid crystal lenses have the ability to change their optical power in real time unlike current multifocal eyeglasses. This enables the wearer to look in any direction without limiting the field of view or diminishing clarity. These technologically advanced lenses are similar to the human focusing mechanism. The lenses work by utilizing a layer of transparent liquid crystal that can be changed by an electric current. The refractive index of the lens is then adjusted by this liquid. This in essence changes the prescription of the glasses based upon the distance of the object that's being focused on. Built-in sensors track the user's pupils and determine the depth of the object being focused on and then a built-in processing unit calculates the distance between the user and the object and an electric current changes the liquid crystal layer to the correct prescription. This is all automatically done and the user doesn't have to control any of it and he or she just simply looks through the glasses as they would any other eyeglasses. Deep Optics hopes to have the omnifocals ready for human trials in two years and recently received $4M USD in venture capital to continue development of their technology.*

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