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Omega-3s reduce dry eye syndrome symptoms

Omega-3 fatty acids have repeatedly shown an ability to help relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Results from a recent study noting the benefits of omega-3s in treating dry eye syndrome were published in Ophthalmology online. Sixty-four patients were involved in the study which focused on whether omega-3 fatty acids could improve dry eye symptoms. Patients were arbitrarily assigned either 2 capsules of omega-3s twice a day or 2 capsules of a placebo twice a day. What researchers found after 30 days was that the tear break-up time (TBUT) increased from 3.9 seconds to 5.67 seconds in the treatment group (a 71% improvement) compared to 4.5 to 4.7 in the control group. People suffering from dry eye syndrome can find these helpful omega-3s in VisiVite's Dry Eye Relief. It contains pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fatty acids derived not only from fish oil but from flaxseed oil as well. Dry Eye Relief - Tear Stabilization Formula 120 Gel Caps RETAIL PRICE: $59.95 Sale Price: $39.95
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