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ObamaCare Causing People to Mistrust Government Health Coverage

ObamacareOn September 1, 201
On September 1, 2015, Vitamin Science sent a survey of health care costs to its subscriber users of eye health vitamins. Hundreds of people responded, including a majority stating that they did not favor universal government-funded healthcare. The responses below are unedited.
  • Seems as though any time government gets involved price goes up. Health ins. is more costly than a mortgage.
  • Private insurers are exploiting the ACA with the help of a certain party who refused to go along with single payer patient care. ¬† Generic drugs and co-pays are rising at an alarming rate.
  • Keep government out of our health care.
  • The govt's role is to protect us from foreign invasion and to provide security. Its role is not to be inside our medical records, bedrooms, and doctor's offices.
  • Too much government intervention. I think taxpayers should have a choice to help Americans who work and cannot afford coverage.
  • Get the government out of it $8k /day for hospital is absurd.
  • This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - our grandparents came to this country because it was a free country - we should be able to make our own choices- we are not communists
  • I have AMD. The only time I have any "out of pocket" costs is if my Retinologist does a refraction exam, which is pretty rare.
  • Absolutely. I think we should be taxed for health care in same manner we are taxed for social security or federal pensions. It is clear in just the brief period that insurance carriers have developed a broad field of plan options for a variety of plan costs under the Affordable Care Act that those who cannot pay are still at risk with significantly nartow benefit options..
  • Single payer, all health records on benefit card.
  • Insurance companies hire lobbyists to make sure our government will never allow a national health care plan.
  • All government health care would limit choices.
  • Too much government bureaucrat already. We are experiencing too much regulation by the government in our health care already. We need to be able to buy insurance across state lines, make private insurance more affordable.
  • Health care costs are spiraling out of control. ¬† A surgery in the UK cost about 1/2 that charged in the US. Medication costs are a huge problem too.
  • My family is German and Germans take care of their citizens. I think everyone having insurance is a good idea. The problem with the medical industry is the drug companies. See the doctor does not make you well, the medicine does. Now with Obama care, the meds have all increased. It is the same reason why I was against the passing of Medicare D. ¬† They have not dealt with the core issue; the price being charged to Americans. Now with D the government is paying high price for meds. ¬† Regulating the price of meds would have solved and would solve a lot the core issue. Also, some meds become had to find because they are too busy making peter-beater drugs.
  • People rely too much on the government to provide for them. I have heard many disparaging comments about Obamacare, so it must not be working as stated - what a surprise when Congress passes something not read ahead of time. The ones who truly need help deserve to get it, otherwise be responsible for yourself and help others.
  • Obamacare is code for gov't control.
  • Our great president and rubber stamp congress have lied to the people health care/Obamacare. I wonder what other lies have been told.
  • ObamaCare needs to go away
  • Same price for all no matter where you live. ¬† No profit for insurance company middlemen.
  • I do not pay at any time , when I see my Doctor. ¬† OHIP (Canada) covers all costs . !! There some occasions when there is a small cost that the patient pays,, there is a reason !!! That has to be discussed to the patient.. When OHIP does not cover.
  • Less government please!
  • At least in government provided healthcare the shortsightedness and depravity would be coming from a generally singular direction. ¬† As things are now, the wealth behind the major insurance companies struggles among its major heads to see who can be the most greedy and selfish.
  • The government (i.e. President backed by enough¬†Democratic Senators to prevent opposition to get enough votes for overrides) is responsible for our increasing costs and decreasing medical services.
  • Insurance companies ahould compete across state lines. ¬† Government could give a credit on taxes up to a certain amount and let people apply it towards the plan of their choice. Insurance companies should still cover uninsurable people. Brainstorm a way to still cover uninsurable people. Even if government had a pool for the uninsurable to draw from. There must be a better way than Obamacare.
  • I'm a disabled veteran and the VA takes care of my health care.
  • Because healthcare has gotten so expensive, we need to get the middle man out of the process. What the government would save by cutting "corporate welfare" to the insurance companies, they could spend on full coverage of every person in the US.
  • Government HC will be a disaster for us. My mother has waited in Canada for 1 year to have a dislocated lens implant addressed surgically. I brought her to th US she saw a Retinal surgeon within a week and the procedure was completed within a month. She paid out of pocket but it was well worth it.
  • The government can't even run itself without huge debts and corruption and I don't trust them with this either. It hasn't worked in Canada or Europe and it won't work here!!!
  • About time we tended to the health care needs of the population instead of the financial desires of the providers, insurers, pharmaceuticals, etc. We are the only major western country without some form of universal health coverage.
  • We pay for additional coverage. Obamacare is very expensive in that the co pay has gone way out of people's reach
  • Do not think there would be the same level of care with the government providing health care.
  • My medical insurance premiums have doubled since Obama Care
  • We now have higher copays for doctor visits and prescriptions, plus a deductible now for last 3 years, and it has gone up every single year. My retinal testing is included in the deductibles, so, yes, everything is increasing.
  • What I have seen for Obama - Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) - it is too expensive. Example for a 63 year old with no health coniditions it would cost approximately $10,000 annually! I think government healthcare would be good but not ACA because it was created by insurance companies!
  • Something needs to be done. Costs are out of control and escalating. My opinion, years ago when all the baby-boomers were much younger, they paid in for health insurance, but being younger typically comes with less medical problems as a whole. So insurance companies were living off of the gravy. Not that baby boomers are aging with increased medical problems, the companies are not covering what we paid for so many years and did not use that often.
  • Get rid of Obamcare and take time to totally develop an improved health system built around the pre Obama system.
  • Cost for Medical care is uncontrolled and with insurance providers providing the care it is profit based and not care based. Our system, which includes Obama Care, is still Insurance provided and people will die that could be saved just because the expense was too high. I had a colleague get hurt in Copenhagen Denmark, horrible shoulder tear falling on the cobble stones. Ambulance there in minutes rushed to the hospital, Xrays, and consultation done in less than 1 hour. She decided to have the repair surgery done in the US and asked to be allowed to pay for the great service. The hospital said we have no one to accept your money, our services are government funded. Can you now think of the US hospitals with floors of accountants and accounts payable and collections and‚Ķ., what is this cost. Can we reel in our run away system.
  • Our government can't get out of debt and adding health insurance to their agenda will only make it worse.
  • I feel as a senior citizen the current policy by this administration will adversely affect us by not allowing coverage for life saving testing/treatment as we age. It's really horrible what this administration (President) has done to this American people and to this country - just horrible. (Do you really want to know how I feel??)
  • As an active 80 year old widow, disabled , I often have to chose between medicine and other essentials.
  • Every time the government gets involved in something it's a major debacle and there's no control or accountability plus an extreme amount of government waste. The government controls enough. Other countries that have government run healthcare have to wait the biggest part of a year for an MRI. I just don't think it's a good idea.
  • Private industry that is profit motivated and has competition will always do a better job than the US Govt.¬†Look at Obama Care, which is not performing.
  • Given the present set-up, I don't trust the government to provide for all health care. At the same time, my husband and I pay insurance co's $260/month on fixed income: insurance co's benefit disproportionately to what they pay toward our medical expenses -- $13., $00.20, etc. -- an embarrassing amount which supposedly "picks up the difference' with what Medicare pays. Add to that excessive charges of hospitals and providers....Serious, honest, changes are needed at every level of the system.....
  • Have a medicare replacement policy with a 25.00 copay. However, every test, every other thing the eye Dr does costs me up to my deductible of 750.00 per year and then 20% after that. The government is not doing so well governing, how are they going to provide and follow the business of insurance? Maybe if Trump becomes president as he is business savvy. ¬† Get my drift?

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