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New eyedrop therapy may replace eye injections

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A new topical drug developed by MacuCLEAR, Inc. has been give Fast Track status by the Food and Drug Administration. The promising drug known as MC-1101, would offer wet AMD patients an option to the current method of treatment which involves injections into the eye. MacuCLEAR is currently evaluating which eye drop delivery system will provide the best delivery of the medication. The need for precise delivery of the medication necessitates using another method of delivery besides the standard eyedroppers which can deliver too much medication and is wasteful. MC-1101 has already passed the Proof of Concept human trial and has successfully demonstrated that is is safe with a low incidence of adverse effects which were typically mild in severity. The drug is now ready to enter the efficacy trial. Once this phase is completed, then a partnership with a pharmaceutical company will be secured and a study will be completed and the drug will hopefully be brought to market.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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