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Nearsightedness in children worsens in winter months

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New research seems to point to a link between the shorter days of winter playing a role in the progression of nearsightedness in children. Researchers examined data from a clinical trial conducted in Denmark and found that the vision of children who were nearsighted deteriorated more quickly during the winter months. Researchers believe that the prolonged outdoor light exposure during the summer months is what accounts for the slower myopia (nearsightedness) progression. While studies in mammals and birds have shown that light exposure plays a part in the development of the eye and might offer protection from myopia, there haven't been any conclusive studies done in humans. This most recent study does not prove that increased daylight decreases vision loss in children and a more intensive clinical trial would need to be conducted to prove the connection. Researchers state that it doesn't hurt to encourage children who are at risk for myopia to spend some more time outdoors. Getting them off their computer and away from their television sets has many other benefits as well!*

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