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Lasers in toys are not child's play

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Buzz Lightyear may not have realized that his laser wasn't real but the damage caused by lasers in toys is very real. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning in regards to lasers in toys. People mistakenly assume that since the lasers are a part of a toy that they are harmless. That assumption can lead to serious eye injuries or even blindness. Unfortunately, eye injuries can go undetected for days or weeks because they usually don't hurt but vision deteriorates slowly and the damage could be permanent. Some examples of laser toys include spinning tops that project a laser while spinning and hand-held lasers that are used as lightsabers.. Following these FDA safety recommendations will help to keep your eyes protected from the dangers of lasers:
  • Do not aim or shine a laser directly at a person or animal or reflective surface.
  • Lasers should never be aimed at drivers of vehicles or people involved in sporting activities because of the risk of injury due to the distraction.
  • Always look for laser toys that indicate that they comply with the 21 Code of Federal Regulations, Subchapter J. If the toy does not have this then you should not purchase it.*

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