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Laser therapy trial for AMD underway in the Land Down Under

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The Centre for Eye Research Australia is currently conducting a laser therapy trial to test the effectiveness of a nanosecond laser in slowing down the progression of age-related macular degeneration. There are 50 study participants so far and the Center is looking to recruit up to 250 more. The specially designed laser delivers energy in nanonseconds instead of microseconds and thus does not heat the tissue. The laser reverses the build-up of drusen in the back of the eye. Drusen are deposits that build up in the layers between the retina and in its blood supply which affects the eye's ability to remove waste. Researchers believe that the laser encourages the cells that are responsible for removing waste material in the eye to do a better job. One early peculiar result is that using the laser in one eye seems to help the other eye. Researchers are unsure whether the laser is making the cells divide or if the laser somehow makes the cells healthier.*

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